What do I wear to play O2 Touch?
Anything you would wear to exercise and you’ll need trainers or boots with moulded studs.


Are there changing facilities?
Most players come ready to play, but many venues have changing facilities, just check with your venue operator.


What can I expect?
A warm welcome and lots of fun. When you arrive at the location indicated on the map on the website or app, look out for one of our operators wearing O2 Touch kit, they will introduce you to everyone taking part.
Sessions are typically 60-90 mins long and played to high energy music. You’ll have a gentle warm-up followed by a body-weight workout to help your fitness, then some skills and practice games that introduce the rules of O2 Touch, followed by the game itself. You can take a break at any time – the one thing we want you to do is enjoy yourself.


Do I need cash/card/free/pay before?
You will see how much the sessions are and how to pay with details of the centre on the website or app. Currently this is usually paid in cash, but in the near future the O2 Touch app will have a payment feature.


Can I bring friends?
Of course, O2 Touch is ideal for playing with old friends or making new ones. Everyone is welcome.


What age is O2 Touch for?
O2 Touch is an adult participation programme targeted at male & female players of 16 and over, although anyone aged 14+ can play if they have parental permission and are accompanied by someone of 16+.


How will I know if a session is cancelled?
The session on the website will update and show you if it is cancelled for any reason, (this happens very rarely). The O2 Touch app will notify you through push notifications if the sessions been changed or cancelled. If you’ve not selected these notifications you’ll also be reminded by email.


Do I need gum-shield?
You will not need a gum-shield, O2 Touch is a non-contact sport.


Can I come along and watch?
Yes, feel free to come along and support, bring your kit just in case you feel like getting involved.


Where do I go, where can I park?
Details for each venue can be found on the website. Alternatively, please contact your local O2 Touch centre Operator or Ambassador. Each site has different parking facilities so please check the details of your centre or contact your local O2 Touch Operator for more information.


Is there a social afterwards?
We always encourage socialising after an O2 Touch sessions. For specific details of what’s happening at your O2 Touch centre, have a look at the website or get in touch with your local O2 Touch centre Operator or Ambassador.


Does the location change?
All sessions are constantly updated by our local O2 Touch teams, so while locations do sometimes change the details, including directions, will always be on the O2 Touch website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your local O2 Touch centre Operator or Ambassador.


What are the rules?
Your O2 Touch centre Operator will guide you through the rules of touch. But the basics are:

  • 6 players on each team.
  • The attacking side has 6 chances to score before the ball is turned over to the defensive team.
  • The attacking side must pass the ball backwards and scores by placing the ball over the tryline.
  • To stop the attacking side, a defender has to touch the player with the ball. Once a touch has been made, the attacking team performs a roll ball (placing the ball between their legs) and the entire defence must retreat 5m.
  • After 6 touches, or if the attacking team drops the ball at any point, the ball is turned over to the other team.


Leagues v Pitch up and Play
O2 Touch consists of two types of activity. Pitch up and play, where anyone is able to join in a session, there will be some light body-weight exercises before some small sided games. We also have O2 Touch Leagues, where teams enter a weekly competition against other teams.


How can I get in contact with O2 Touch? You can contact individual O2 Touch centres by viewing a centre and selecting the relevant contact details or get in contact direct by tweeting @O2touch